Get Paid To Take Surveys Working From Home – Read This First

If you are looking for an easy and flexible way to earn a little more money at home, you’ve probably looked into the option to get paid to take surveys. There are many ads online claiming you can take surveys for cash and many people are exploring the option. Here are a few tips about paid survey websites you must know before signing up. First and foremost, it’s true that most websites that offer you to get paid to take surveys are actually membership clubs and they DO charge a fee to join.  Some people may say ‘Hey, I have to pay in order to get paid? That sounds like a scam!’ It’s actually not and here’s why: These survey sites are brokers. They have operating costs and most of the companies that are offering to pay their members to fill out surveys do NOT pay these club website owners. So what these websites are really offering is a service of brokering the surveys to you. They have operating expenses, taxes, and payroll that the survey owners don’t cover. So, the ONLY way these clubs can stay online and continue offering these services is by charging a fee to join. Here’s something to consider though. If you make your survey work become your work from home ‘business’ and track the membership as a business expense, that makes it 100% tax deductible. In fact, nearly all expenses related to your work with filling paid surveys online can be deducted if you function as a home-based business. Check with your accountant for a complete list, but by simply having a home-based business now, even if it’s filling out paid surveys, could potentially save your thousands of dollars in taxes if you track it right. The signs of a good, legit website offering cash for surveys will include the following important consumer-protection elements:

#1) Lost-cost Membership Fee

This should go without saying, but the fee to join one of these clubs shouldn’t cost more than taking the family out to eat.  Up to $50 max. If the cost to join is higher than that, take a step back and reconsider. You might be better off joining another club with a lower membership fee.

#2) Secure Membership Order Form

A fake club that is looking to scam you won’t go to all the lengths of having a secure order form. So look for the https:// on the page you enter to sign up with your credit card. That will mean that the page is protected by an SSL certificate, and that all of your personal and financial information is encrypted securely. Nobody will be able to see it or access it. 100% safe to order from.

#3) Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

A legitimate paid survey membership club will take good care of its members. That means they will allow their members to easily cancel and get a refund if they aren’t happy during the first month. If the club you’re looking to join doesn’t offer a customer satisfaction guarantee, that’s a red flag. You shouldn’t join a club that doesn’t care about its members.

Honorable Mention – Bonus For Completing 1st Survey

The good survey sites are able to get you some bonuses from the places they broker from. So the best ones will offer some kind of incentive after you complete your first survey. Some of these clubs even offer a bonus BIGGER than the initial membership fee, which means the cost of the membership gets paid off right away. While this isn’t necessary for a good paid survey club membership, it’s definitely worth looking for since several offer it.

Two Clubs That Passed Our Review

We went out and found two paid survey clubs that meet our consumer protection criteria. These are, what we consider, both to be legitimate paid survey membership clubs that will take good care of its members. Also, they both offer cash bonuses to new members who get going taking the surveys quickly (like we talked about in the honorable mention above) so you should be able to recover the cost of the memberships right away.
Take Surveys For Cash – Been online for several years, and offers a $50 cash bonus to new members that get going taking surveys. Their membership uses secure, encrypted checkout when you sign up, and carries a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. There are a lot of successful people we know of using this membership to create some supplemental income while they work their main job. We’ve also discovered that many retired folks and people with disabilities unable to get many jobs in the workplace have made this one of their main sources of income.
Real Money Streams – This one was our second favorite. It had a good deal of exclusive surveys to take, so if you’re serious about taking surveys for cash as a home-based business, you should seriously consider joining both clubs. The good news is they’re both legitimate, and you’re protected by the 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you’re unhappy with either or both, you’re entitled to a full refund. Real Money Streams ALSO is offering a $50 bonus to new members, so you should feel completely safe signing up. Just like above, your personal information is encrypted during the checkout process. Click Below to Learn More About Take Surveys For Cash & Claim Your $50 Bonus

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